Books, but make it fashion

Have you heard of book sleeves before?

Honestly before I began my book blogging ways, I really had no idea about these. But now, I’m hopelessly addicted. What is a book sleeve you ask? Well, you use one of these to keep your book protected from the elements / the hazards of your purse when taking them along somewhere with you. Or even just around the house because they are that lovely. It’s basically a cozy little pillowcase for your book.

When choosing a book sleeve you’re going to be presented with a plethora of options. There are so many colours, sizes, patterns and textures out there. It’s impossible to only buy one. And since I’ve got myself a decent collection let me walk you through a few great small businesses you can check out to get your hands on some.

Bibliophile Belle’s Boutique

I’m currently waiting on an order that JUST shipped out for a new one because once I got my hands on a book sleeve from Janice I knew I needed another.

Based in BC, Canada, Bibliophile Belle’s Boutique tends to focus towards the nature inspired with some vintage vibes.

New patterns are coming in all the time so be sure to check back on her site!

Bookbeds Boutique

Based out of Ontario, Canada I can also confidently recommend Bookbeds Boutique. Not only have I bought sleeves from this dynamic duo but I’ve also rep’d for them in the past. Bold patterns and vibrant colours in abundance are in fashion here. And here’s the best part: some of them HAVE POCKETS. Yes. Pockets. Amazing!

Patterns here are also often changed up so if you see something you like, you best order it fast.

Indigo Chapters

The Book Bestie from Indigo Chapters is another one of my favourites. I loved it so much I had to buy one for my bestie too! Who coincidentally owns 2 black cats, so this was the most fitting of gifts IMO. It only comes in the one size but it’s large enough to carry most books.

Heads up, if you do buy through this link, I am an affiliate and will see something from it but it does not impact your purchase in any way.

Maker Unknown

So I won this one and I honestly have no idea who made it but this article would be missing out if I didn’t include the shiny book sleeve. So much gold sequin. So much love. Cue “Shiny” from the Moana soundtrack.

Do you have a shop you order your book sleeves through? Mention them below.

And of course, any questions you have on them are more than welcome!


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