Books you can pretend you read

Let’s face it, everyone is tired. I’m tired, you’re tired, your dog is tired, your kids … wait a minute. No. Your kids are probably bouncing off the walls. Everything has a fine layer of goldfish cracker dust, your brain is shot from having to learn math again (and this time it’s completely different), and you may actually have lost the dog in the mountains of laundry piling up around you. How are there so many clothes? You’re wearing the same sweatpants all week!

Finally, everyone is down for the night and you have some time to yourself. Looks like the perfect moment to pick up that literary tome you’ve had your eye on…. KIDDING. You’re delirious. Blame it on the quarantine baby.

But perhaps you do want to have that escape. You just don’t have the energy / brain power for a novel. I feel that. So I’m here with a list of books that have been made into shows / movies. You’re welcome! (…. sorry parents.. I know I’ve just reminded you of the ten times you watched Moana this week)

Books you can pretend you read but really watched it on screen:

  1. Outlander: this series is massive. It’s my favourite, but I think the largest reason I’ve heard people avoid it is the size of the books (800+ pages x 8 books). So try your hand at the show and enjoy it in bite sized chunks.
  2. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before: I’ll admit I haven’t read or watched this but I’ve heard so many good things I’m gonna mention it.
  3. The Hate You Give: this book is amazing and I encourage you to read it BUT I understand if movies are more your thing. So definitely check this one out. It will be a powerful experience either way.
  4. The Handmaid’s Tale: I’ve only read this one so I can’t personally comment on the show. I do know many who really got into though. Read or watch and you’ll see what the hype is all about.
  5. Locke and Key: I was surprised by this one. I hadn’t read it but the trailer for the series was super intriguing. I binged this one – it did NOT disappoint. So I’m thinking I’m able to pretend I read it 😂.

What would you add to this list?

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