Are you listening? Wireless Earphones for Audio Books

Thank you to Sudio for gifting me these earphones. While I did receive this product for free, the thoughts reflected in this article are my own.

I’m no stranger to earphones – as a kid/teen in the 90’s I used them for my walk-man, my disc-man and then it was the big leap to the iPod in its varying sizes. Remember those? Well now our phones can handle it all. And even better is with wireless tech we no longer have to deal with cords getting tangled up or snagging on things. What a time to be alive!

But seriously, when Sudio reached out for a potential collab I was so excited. I’d been eyeing up this tech to help me start getting more into audio books. Now of course with working more from home due to COVID19 having the option to wear earphones for meetings instead of letting the entire household hear every conversation is also quite appealing.

First off what I loved was the option to choose from a range of colours and styles. I went with the Tolv in Pink. I felt like they’d be easy to keep clean and would go with most things (fashion is important lol).

Upon arrival I charged them up in their handy case and was soon ready to test them out. I put one in and it immediately fell out. Not to fret though, I just needed to change the little rubber bits to a smaller size (you get a range of 4 with this order!) and they fit snugly in. Then all I had to do was pair them with my phone and I had the freedom to listen to audio books / podcasts / music or take phone calls to my hearts content.

Sound-wise these things are coming in clear for me for audio books and podcasts. And they do seem to block out a good amount of external sound too! I wasn’t blown away by the quality for music but I do listen to heavier genres and that may lend to needing a more robust piece of equipment. Tolv isn’t the highest line for Sudio so there may be a better option there. However, it was still a very enjoyable experience and I’m still using them for music.

In case you’re curious, here are the features from the Sudio site for this particular line:

PLAY TIMEUp to 35 h total
– Features a graphene driver for enhanced sound clarity
– Automatic pairing between earbuds and device
– Features a microphone on both earbuds
– Features a single, multipurpose button on each earbud to control music/phone calls
– Weighs 4.5 grams per earbud
– Up to 35h of playtime, 7h in a single charge
– Compact charging case offers up to 4 additional charges

So if you’re interested I’d say definitely check out Sudio AND until Aug 4, 2020 you can use my discount code for 15% off: GETLIT15

What would you use the wireless earphones for? Music? Audio Books? Working from home? Let’s hear it in the comments below.


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