A book to remind you why not going on dates right now is a blessing

Being isolated doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing for your single relationship status. I realize the irony in writing this as a married woman with kids. But whether you’re out of the game permanently like me or taking a momentary pause due to the pandemic we can all agree that dating is tough.

Maybe you’re suddenly feeling nostalgic for those days when you could go out and meet someone new without having to stay 6 feet apart? Well I’ve got the book to remind you why perhaps this societal separation is a good thing!

You need to check out All Men Are Assholes (… And All Women Are Crazy) by Jordan West. Seriously. Get ready to laugh, cry from laughing, maybe cry from relating a bit too hard from her words and then ultimately feel damn good because right now you CAN’T have those experiences. A silver lining to quarantine? I’m all about finding something good.

So check out Jordan’s book. I’ve linked to it on Amazon , just click the picture above! You might come out of this with some new BS detecting skills. If not, you’ll at least have wicked abs from laughing so hard.

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