They call me the #Salewhisperer… Or that lucky B*#&h

And I ain’t mad about it!

The thing you need to know about me is I’m hard-pressed to pay full price on anything fashion related. I’m not sure if this came from working in retail in my teens/ early twenties and seeing how low we could mark something down or not. But sale finding is in my blood. I even ran, and still kind of do, a fashion IG called salewhisperer documenting my scores.

The funny thing is, most often I’m not looking for something OR I have this really strong urge to seek out a specific item. Each way I typically find ridiculous sales. You’ll see more and more of them in this blog but for now I’m going to highlight some of my favourite sale purchases over the last 3 years. Get ready to be shocked! Or you know, mildly amused.


This striped blazer from Banana Republic is a prime example of me randomly finding a crazy good deal.

Original price: $140.
But with markdowns and additional percentage off I took it home for a whopping $18. Yes you read that right. $18. I think this was the only time I audibly laughed out of awkward amusement while at the register.

Here’s a full sale outfit which hopefully doesn’t look it. The clothing is all from Dynamite and the shoes are from Town shoes. Here’s the breakdown:

Cream Faux leather jacket: $10
Floral silky camisole:$12
Army green pencil skirt:$10

Now the shoes… these are Nine West so you know I’m not playing around.
Full price: $125.
Reduced to $68
Clearanced to $14
And with an extra 25% off at the till I took these babies home for $10! Exciting, no?

Again hitting up Banana Republic for the sales I snagged this lightweight blush camisole and necklace. Here’s how that went:

Camisole Original Price: $44
Clearance Price: $28
Sale Price: $14

Statement necklace original price: $45
Sale price: $22

PLUS I recieved 40% off my total purchase bringing my final spend on these two items to $22. I’m still excited about that! haha

And you know… I also manage to do this for my whole family. Pictured here is a sweater for myself, two dresses for my daughter and 4 long sleeved dress shirts for my husband (unfortunately I didn’t find anything for my son this trip) that I got from The Bay for a total of $135. That’s close to the original price of just ONE men’s dress shirt. My bill would have been $346 but the clearance prices were at 60% off plus I recieved an additional 15% off my total, so I saved $211!

And that’s what I do. I’m not sure how I do it, but… it happens. And I’ll try my best to let you know via twitter when I stumble on a sale.

Happy shopping!

16 thoughts on “They call me the #Salewhisperer… Or that lucky B*#&h

  1. I love a good bargain!!
    I love buying flights in promotion!! Haha people tell me oh you travel a lot.. and I’m like ( just because i got the ticket half priced)


    1. Absolutely! I’ll share as I go along this blogging journey. For now one I’ve got is to watch for end of season sales and pick up the heavily discounted items that can be layered, that way you can use them all year round.

      Liked by 1 person

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