How does she do it? Fitting reading into a busy life.

One of the questions I get asked most often, once someone finds out that I read, is “How do you find the time?”. I’m able to read about 4-5 novels every month, which to some it sounds like a lot and to others it’s about average. And then there’s those crazy people who can read like 10 novels a month and not break a sweat. Clearly I’m not one of them but I am jealous of their mad skills. To be honest, it’s not that I find the time to read but more like I make the time. I prioritize reading like anything else in my life. With a husband who plays sports, two kids and their activities, plus my own full time job and you know, just plain old living, there’s a lot going on for me! And I imagine there’s a lot going on for you too.

If reading is something you’d really like to get back into your life here’s a few ways you can make it work.

Go Digital: There’s a few ways to go about this. You can use your phone or tablet and get reading apps like Kobo or Kindle. Then you’re set to buy books through any vendor who sells to the platform(s) you choose. I actually have both because the site I use to review ARCs (Advanced Reading Copies) only sends them to me through Kindle and I have a Kobo tablet. However I have the apps installed on both my tablet and my phone. If you have a library membership you can also look into getting the Libby or Overdrive app as well. Whether you put it on your phone or tablet is up to you but what I’ve found best is a combo of both. I carry my phone everywhere so when I have a spare minute or two I can pull out my phone and read. And then for reading in bed at night in the dark the tablet is my go-to while my phone is charging from the day’s use. It might be a bit extra but for me it’s perfect!

Try Audio Books: Now this media is not for me (I’m very tactile / visual) but I know many readers who swear by audio books to add to their reading experience. You can play them in the car, while you’re working out or cleaning. This is the multi-taskers best friend.

One of my first audiobook experiences

To be honest, I wish I liked them more because it would make it even easier for me to crush my TBR (To Be Read list for those not in the know). However I find I can’t focus as well on an audio book so the experience is not enjoyable. If you think it might be for you definitely check out Audible. Your first book is free and you can earn credits as you read towards more books! There is a monthly subscription though. So unlike those other digital options you do have to put in a bit of money to enjoy. If you want you can also use the Libby app for audio books but I’m not sure what the selection is like – I assume it will be whatever your library has purchased access to so it might be limited in comparison to Audible and you may have to go on wait lists for new and best sellers depending on availability.

Keep your books nearby: It’s easy to forget you have them if you’re not used to reading all the time. It sounds almost too simple but if your book is near your remote perhaps you’ll decide to go for the adventure on the page instead of on the TV screen. You know, if you’re not using it as a coaster. Which I’ve never done… she says dripping with sarcasm.

Finally, utilize that lunch break!: Bring your book to work and read while you eat. It’s actually one of the most perfect times because not only is it considered free time for you but it can help you break through any boring or difficult day you are having by providing the ultimate escape. The only tough part is bringing yourself back to reality again when break time is over.

These are just a few ways I work reading into my every day life. Let me know in the comments if you have additional ways to add!

My Kobo tablet all ready to go!

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