How to Start a Bookstagram Account

Maybe you’re on the fence about joining Bookstagram or perhaps you’re a seasoned Bookstagrammer looking for some new tips / tricks. I’ve put together a series of helpful posts for you to reference. Because this info doesn’t need to be gated behind a fee. Share the wealth I say! So let’s get to it with my Bookstagram 101 Series.

First thing’s first. What is Bookstagram? Sounds strange doesn’t it? Like you’re going to get a book in the mail or something. No, you’re not signing up for encyclopedias to be mailed to your house (I may have just dated myself with this reference haha).  Bookstagram is actually the name for the book loving community on popular social media channel Instagram (aka IG). So if you love books and want to connect with others about said love of books, this is your place my friend! Come up with catchy name (or not, no judgement here!) and join us on the ‘gram! The best type of post to start out with is called a #meetthebookstagrammer post. A little blurb about you, maybe a bookish photo or two, and you’ll have community members clambering to greet you! One of us! ONE OF US!

Jokes aside, In this series I’ll touch on topics I wish I knew of when I first started. Now I’m no expert, though I’ve learned a thing or two over the years, so by all means jump in with your own tips, challenge mine etc. I’m so excited to discuss these with you!

Technically speaking
Some quick tricks to help you get the most out of your content!

This first set will be more technical because I believe that’s likely where everyone initially feels lost. Here are some things to keep in mind as you connect with the community.

1) Don’t edit your post within the first 24 hours of it being live. Let those typos shine my dude because going in and editing will destroy your exposure. So as much as you want to fix it – don’t. Just wait.

2) Switch up your hashtags. This is one I think we are all guilty of at one time or another and it’s so important. I cannot stress this enough, relying on the same hashtag set will hinder more than help. Create several sets (I have 8) and don’t forget to freshen them up from time to time too! Otherwise IG once again pushes your post down. For more on working those hashtags checkout my Reel.

3) Be active for about the first hour or so of posting. If you post and ghost all that effort you put in is wasted. IG thrives on engagement so carve out a chunk of time to dedicate to liking / sharing / commenting on other’s feeds, returning comments on your post, and posting in your stories. This shows the IG overlords that you’re in it for real and aren’t just aimlessly posting. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t put in all the effort to meet someone new and then after saying “hi” just walk away. Or at least if you did you’d have to know that the other person likely won’t remember you. IG, like any relationship, takes work.

What technical tips do you have for anyone starting out? Or, if you’re new feel free to ask a question below!.

The next set will be on Reviewing, covering the ins and outs and hopefully answering some crucial questions. Can’t wait!.


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