Mom Life. Work Life. How to feel a bit more balanced.

In case you didn’t know, I’ve returned to work twice after being on maternity leave for 1 year each time. My second time doing so meant I had an idea of what to expect. I knew I’d be extremely tired and a bit overwhelmed for a while as we work through new routines. But it is getting easier.

So, in the spirit of Mother’s Day this weekend, I’d like to mention some of the things that have made my transition back into the working world a bit easier on me. I’ll provide some links too so you (or the moms in your life) can check them out! Please note these items are from Indigo Chapters and I am an affiliate. I do benefit from your purchase. But it does not affect anything about your order.


Ok so that aside I’m gonna say the first thing that makes my workday 1000% better is having pictures of my family at my desk. No, I’m not sitting there staring at them and sobbing… audibly … but I do enjoy seeing their beautiful little faces throughout my day. Here is an excellent frame that works well in most environments:

4×6 Frame in Brass $15CAD

Secondly, you’re going to want a good mug because caffeine is now part of your bloodstream. You bleed Starbucks. It’s just the working-mom way of life. This is first and foremost a tea mug but take that steeper out and you’ve got yourself a stylish drinking vessel for your hot bean water! And guess what, now you can drink your coffee… wait for it… while it’s STILL HOT! You’ll feel less guilty ignoring your co-workers than your children while you partake in your daily energy lift.

Ivory Waxed Resist Tea Mug with Infuser $22CAD

If you’re anything like me you are probably quite excited to ditch the diaper bag and carry something lighter. I did and seriously, I love it. And so does my back hahaha. I’m also really into the details on things and this braided handle is everything.

Love and Lore Braided Handle Crossbody Bag $45CAD

Are you into stationery? I am! If I enter a store that sells these items it is DANGEROUS for my bank account. And because I love being a terrible (terribly wonderful!) influence here is one of my favourite things to keep me on track with my work AND home life. A gorgeous daytimer.

2020 / 2021 17 Month Planner $22CAD

And finally, the atmosphere in my office is super dry and the hand soap in the bathroom leaves something to be desired. This means my hands resemble my snakeskin patterned slides if I don’t lotion up! The Folklore hand cream brand is my absolute favourite. Not only is the packaging darling but the product goes on smooth – not greasy and it has a very light scent so it’s not bugging me or my cubicle mates.

Folklore Sandalwood & Honey Hand Cream $10CAD

Mom or not, what items make your work day a bit better? Let me know in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Mom Life. Work Life. How to feel a bit more balanced.

  1. Totally agree with keeping hand cream at the office, I have the same issue with the hand soap and air con drying out my hands so I always make sure I have a nice handcream on my desk to add a touch of luxury to my working day

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